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Saving Hope

Posted on February 21, 2017 at 1:10 PM


Saving hope what will you be remembered for me not much not what I wanted yes I have children and they will never forget me but did you ever want to be more than that did you ever want to make a difference outside of your world maybe I'm impatient maybe I'm greedy or trying to hard still the same I wish I was known never will my name be said for all to hear never will my name be rad in a circulated book maybe I should be happy of that maybe I ask too much still the same it's there do you know the feeling about us talking if you have you heard their excitement about you what are you done I hope I only hope there is a day that I can make a difference that I may affect one person's lifetime that I may stop someone's eternal sadness that is my dream that is all that I ask maybe I ask too much DBB

The piece above was written by my late husband. It was not something he had ever shared with me, but rather a release of his emotion onto a page, which was saved on his computer. Finding it left me a bit baffled.  This man had done so much and helped so many by the time he drafted this. In fact just shortly after this was written he was the sole person responsible for extracting a man from the roof of his burning home seconds before powerlines burned off and fell upon it. Their current so powerful that it sheared off the top of the metal ladder they used to escape.  If it were not for his quick thinking and selfless act this man would have been surely been electrocuted and likely severed in half.  How could he have not known his impact on this world? Dereks memorial service had to be held in a hall as hundreds attended to show their respects.  Countless people approached me and thanked me for what my husband had done for them. One very memorable person was a sweet little old woman who lived in our neighborhood. She approached and began, "Thank you! Your husband saved my husband when he had a heart attack. He was first on scene, did cpr and kept him breathing until the ambulance could arrive. He was a very special person. She was right he certainly was a very special person. He was someone that everyone loved, a fast friend to all he met. Someone who truly loved life and would do anything for his fellow man, stranger or no. I admired him for those and so many more qualities he so effortly held. He had endured much and always kept a positive outlook and smile upon his face.  I wish he had known in life as I'm certain he does now how very many people he touched. His resilience alone served as an amazing example for anyone who knew him.  At age 18 he was in a horrific car accident. He was hit head on and ejected from his vehicle. He had numerous broken bones, a punctured lung, severed ear and ruptured spleen.  He died twice on the way to the hospital and had to be revived. Of his many injuries was a broken pelvis with 16 distinct breaks. He was confined to a bed for months and told he would never walk again. That simply wasn't acceptable to him. He was in the Army and had to make it back from leave, he had too much left he wanted to do and being confined to a wheelchair was not in the plans. He defied all medical experts and slowly regained full use of his legs. Those who met him less than a year after this tragic event would have never known the struggles he overcame to live the normal life of a 19 year old. He went on to marry, attend college, start a business then become a firefighter and emt. Still every time he needed a follow up visit for his back or pelvis the doctors would look at him in awe when they saw his x-rays. The breaks still showed clearly and the hip had set a bit misaligned. The doctors all followed with the same question " how are you even able to walk?". His response was classic Derek "because there was no other option". 

I loved everything about him and still do. I will be incorporating his story and his name for all to read in my upcoming book, knowing the warmth of his smile will shine down on me from Heaven above. 


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